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allows the power of Sophmores to manipulate Freshman. Over-ruled by Juniority and Seniority.

Freshman- Hate it.
Freshman- *goes for the chair*

Sophmore- Sophmority!
Freshman- Suck it!
Junior- Hey bro, she called Sophmority.
Freshman- *all pissy*
by Jbean13 August 11, 2010
Commonly used in marching band, it forces all underclassmen to give up what they have for the Juniors.
However can be over ruled by Seniority.

Sophmores are cool with it

Freshman- either are cool with it or are stinkers.
Junior- Juniority!
Sophmore- Fine heres my taco...
Junior- Sweet!
by Jbean13 August 11, 2010
when in marching band, the seniors get first pick on anything and everything just by calling out the simple phrase "Seniority!"

Sophmores and Juniors are usually accustomed to this power, however some freshman like to put up a stink about it.
Senior- This water line is sooo long! I think im gonna use the seniority card.

*taps freshman in front of him*
Cool Freshman- whats up bro?
Senior- We are gonna play a game called Seniority!
C. Freshman- Damnit I always loose that game! How did you get so good
Senior- hahaha sorry tho im really thirsty
Senior- Seniority!
Douch Freshman- I don't think so, thats not fair.
Senior- Suck it. *steps in front*
D.F*goes and whines*
by Jbean13 August 11, 2010
an expression that doesn't exsist
Freshman- I want a chair! i call Freshority!
Sophmore-That doesn't exsist
by Jbean13 August 18, 2010

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