Usually a bitch who is very slutty. Throws herself at guys who she thinks likes her, but in reality nobody does. Sophie is very fake.
Eww. Look it's a Sophie. Does she know nobody likes her
by Zteid99 December 26, 2013
Slut. The biggest attention seeking bitch ever who thinks her boobs are big
What a sophie

She is always flirting with ugly guys
by Human6996 September 26, 2013
A Orange girl, who uses fake tan and looks so fake she could pass off as a ompa lompa.
Have you seen Sophie? Yeah apparently her tan glove broke but really she used her sketty hands.
by gijoe2350 February 22, 2012
a goddamn hott girl. biggest boobs known to man, very slutty, sexy in bed, great when grinding. tall, skinny, and has the tiniest feet.
When I'm with Sophie, I feel fucking horny. I love her.
by udontknomelikdt13211145 November 08, 2006
Sam: Hey that girls such a Sophie!
Sarah: Oh, you mean a lesbian, presbyterian, republican?
Ella: That girl IS such a Sophie!
Sam+Sarah+Ella: Yeah... so true.
by PEACELOVESOPHIE June 25, 2010
A whore who everyone hates. She has no friends and her only friend actually hates her. Never trust a sophie
OMG that girl is such a sophie
by DelzBelz October 16, 2010
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