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usually a 2 faced bitch. there normally really pathetic and think they have loads of friends but actually everyone hates her.. even her 'friends'
that girl is such a sophie!
by jake1233210 February 04, 2009
a fat slutty whore often pale wit blonde hair usually goes to prep school thinks they're cool but they r losers(they don't even kno how to put up an L). Called Casper
Look at that Sophie I bet she goes to University School.
by gobigred45 October 27, 2008
a whore that has sex with every one she meets. mostly always a blonde and a slut. never smart or hot. but dates and has sex with bens and pens!!!Always has oral sex and anal sex but also enjoys a good fucking/tounging
girl 1: you are such a sophie
girl 2: oh, you whore, bitch.
by ljdbkejvwkbjdbcdwkjhvkbehwf June 11, 2008
In midwest America, slang for a fatass, balding, mono-browed, short man.
Nigga be Sophie fo rizzle ma nizzle!
by Derek Zoolander fo' real April 15, 2006