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Sophie is beautiful. Blue eyed, caramel haired, all around beautiful. She loves Summer, Fall and Spring, and usually despises the cold. She's selfless and kind and no one could ever match her interrogation skills. She is loving. And she absolutely adores her friends. Music is her religion, and she plays guitar, a bit of piano, and sings like an angel. She's an amazing writer, and adores the beach, the smell of water and sand mixed together. Her favorite perfume is Vampire, and she doesn't feel the need to shop for expensive clothing, when she can just go to Wal-Mart. She will enchant you and lift you up. She'll love you. She'll forgive your stupidity, she'll be the bigger person, she's unique and.... She's everything.

She is absolutely adorable and beautiful. And a fool like a Liam broke her heart. And she is still strong. And Liam still loves her.
Fool: I had to break up with her, I'm being forced to.

Fools Friend: How could you do that!?

Fool: What do you mean??

Fools Friend: You just lost a Sophie! You're an idiot!
by StupidStupidFool April 21, 2013

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