A woman (or i suppose in this politically correct age equally a man) who is very ugly indeed, at least a three bagger, that one has slept with, or might sleep with.

Derived from the fact that you would sooner bite off your own arm than move it from under her and risk waking her up the next morning.
'Look at the sooner!'
'Would you?'
'Definatly not!'
'She fancies you.'
'You reckon?'
'Well, if I don't do any better by the end of the night...'
by TeaPee March 14, 2006
1) People who snuck in to stake claim on Oklahoma land before the Land Run of 1889.

2) Now defined as an individual who travels ahead of the human procession.

3) Nickname of the University of Oklahoma athletic teams.
1) Jack was a sooner so he got the best land that was available in the Land Run of 1889.

2) I would rather be a sooner than wait for things to go my way.

3) The Oklahoma Sooner football team has seven national championships in the modern era.
by roxifict October 03, 2004
To prefer or to favor.
Louis Hawkeye:
"Hey Leblanc, Do you want a bag of dill pickle chips?"
"Yeah, I suppose but I would sooner salt n' vineagar."
by danmk November 05, 2006

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