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one of the greatest football teams in the NCAA. in what's accepted as the modern era of the sport (1945 - )the sooners currently hold the record for the most wins and have the highest winning percentage of any team.
"the sooners lost?? there must be a blue moon tonight"
by stg60913b February 18, 2010
1. cheap nigganomically feasible juice of an ambiguous flavor

2.a fat woman or man wearing red

3.a mans hot girlfreind
1."can a nigga get some kool aid up in this bitch"

2."look at yo fat ass in that red shirt lookin like kool aid"

3."get off my kool aid bitch"
by stg60913b February 16, 2010
i don't know the answer
larry king: "how do we get iran to disarm their nukes without invading?"

guest politician: "thats a good question larry"
by stg60913b September 18, 2010
a fusion of the word butt dick and pussy. first coined by Bernie Mack, typically used to describe a really malodorous smell.
"damn, it smell like some ol' budussy in here"
by stg60913b February 15, 2010
a black policeman. typically one who thinks that frequently using the word, "dog" while patrolling the ghetto makes him a public relations expert
"its the po po dude be cool,aw man he's black, i hate those piggers."
by stg60913b February 15, 2010
a title of honor given to anyone who has eaten a chicks pussy while that chick had a yeast infection
"your red wings aint shit man i got my bread wings"
by stg60913b February 15, 2010
originally used by the hells angels biker gang to refer to the hoes that where aloud to hang so long as they where willing to fuck anyone in the gang. now days it just means girlfriend
"my ol' lady can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch"
by stg60913b February 16, 2010
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