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Abbreviation for "Shit Out Of Luck"
Your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and your cell phone has no signal.........You are SOOL.
by desantism July 25, 2004
When you slide your penis into someone's mouth while they are sleeping.
Bro, I totally sooled Rebecca last night.
by leahcim69 November 11, 2015
var; of cool, sweet, awesome. Used usually when typing too fast and one manages to replace the "C" with and "S"
Wow, that apple pie you made is so damn sool..

Have you seen how sool they think they are

sool, see you later then

thats sool
by Angelina_Lip August 17, 2011
A human being who is being a complete dickweed, often used in playful banter or intense combat situations.
If you don't stop being such a fucking sools I will punch out your nutsack!
by Stephanie Anne Brock November 06, 2006
Story Of Our Lives

similar to "thats the story of my life"
We tripped trying to hide from our friends in the store. Wow, SOOL!
by ggisme93 vuhvicky December 25, 2009
A word combination of the terms "So" and "Cool" used for complimentary purposes. Used by those that are either 1) unable to properly speak, due to the consumption of alcohol 2) too lazy to use more than one word to describe something or 3)a combination of both.
"Dude, that new Ferrari is SOOL.!"
by antman22 October 24, 2005
Shit Outta Obama Love
you: "My tax accountant called today to tell me my refund this year and informed me I'm SOOL."

friend: "What's that mean?"

you: "I'm Shit Outta Obama Love!"
by Nama Stay October 25, 2010
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