a long toenail that needs trimming. Not pronounced "oo" but more like a short "u".
Ralph has a sook, because when Ralph took off his shoe you could see that his sooks had worn a hole in his sock.
by bread infection January 01, 2006
Top Definition
to sulk, crack a sad and act like a big fat baby when you odn't get your own way.
sam had a sook when claire wouldn't sleep with him.
by lala August 24, 2003
An Australian slang term used to indicate another person is soft, easily upset, or just a plain pussy.
Joe: I'm in so much pain right now, I've got such a bad bruise on my knee.
Bob: *Looks at Joe's Knee* You call that a bruise, don't be such a sook, my dick has had bigger bruises on it than that.
John: Yeah Joe you fucking pussy, don't be such a sook.
by BlokefromAus June 17, 2008
Newfoundland term for "cry baby" or "whiner". One who sulks.
He is a big sook. She is a sooky baby. He sooked off somewhere when he didn't get what he wanted.
by mcollins999 June 29, 2009
-Someone who is emotionally needy, especially after a bad day or in a bad mood or sick.

-Someone who wants to be taken care of like a kid when ill.
"Karen was being such a sook today, she wanted me to bring her soup in bed and cuddle with her because she's feeling sick."

*after asking to cuddle* "Stacey, you're such a sook.
by laughing_fire October 26, 2010
being a sore loser and constantly whining about the circumstances that lead to that unceremonious defeat.
devstar: redbeard, stop being a fucking sook you pussy. you lost.

randall bromwich: mate, your team was 5 points better than mine. it was totally unfair.

chris wheeler: redbeard, you sook. just shut your fucking sook mouth and hand over the controller. you're done !
by jinjangjoe December 27, 2012
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