Adj used to describe something totally fresh and chronic. Often used to describe Marijuana.
Damn Yo, that shit you got is SONIC
by Sto-Ik July 25, 2004
a gay blue hedgehog that was made by sega, that was thought to have a chance to be a deacent rival aginst super mario. lately sonic games have been continuosly been made so sonic has new powers and new friends because the idea of a blue hedgehog running around is old and boring.
Bob: Hey dude look at this new sonic game
Edd: if its sonic its gotta be really bad
Bob: And why so?
Edd: Sonic was a dumb sega idea that was made so sega had a chance agianst nintendo's Super Mario and all he can do is run fast and and do a spinning jump
Edd: Super Mario is way better
Bob: Your right, sonic is sooooo gay
by 2Ninja4U August 28, 2009
1) Fast, damn fast
2) Burger bar, drive in
3) Decripipt Creation of a starving japanese trying to make ends meet by drawing lame cartoons of a hedgehog and his sexual exploits with other animal species.
by nigga peon October 05, 2003
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