Explains a degree of severity
"Look at that swellbow, I bet that hurt like a Son of a bitch!"
by Not_a_Niglit September 06, 2004
1)noun; a person that pisses the crizzap out of you or your friends.
2)as an exclemation to express shock or extreme emotion
1) that sonofabitch!
2) Sonofabitch! I said suck the motherfucker, you're bitin' it! Shit!
by clayton March 21, 2003
1) noun; dumbass

2) krappoty
1)You sonofabitch!!! You stole my watch!!

2)You sonofabitch thief!!
by Victor Van Styn September 03, 2005
A motherfucker! God damn rat bastard asshole! Any motherfucker who votes a thumbs down to one of my definitions, or deletes one!

Something you can say when upset.
You clicked thumbs down to my definition? YOU SON OF A BITCH!!

If I find the above son of a bitch, I'm going to ram my fist into his stomach, and rip out his spine!!!

My definition got deleted? Son of a bitch!
by O.G. WILLAKER October 23, 2005
What the husband calls his son in front of his wife.
man* That son of a bitch Jimmy didnt finish his homework! woman/mom* *murders everyone
by Anyomonus July 30, 2015

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