A phrase meaning I'm unable to express the complexity of the emotion at the moment. Can be used seriously or in jest.
That ain't even how you spose to talk to nobody. I'm feelin some type of way about ya dumb ass.

I'm feelin some type of way about this nigga callin me in the hoe hours of the morning.
by theriveter August 17, 2012
Top Definition
a phrase used to describe sexual needs, disgust, or even happiness. usually a feeling that is so heightened it elicits confusion and raw emotion.
sexual: i haven't seen my man in 3 weeks.. i'm feelin some type of way

disgust: that bitch just pissed me the hell off.. i'm feelin some type of way

happiness: i just got my refund check - i'm feelin some type of way.. wanna go shoppin?
by hbcu chick November 19, 2003
A phrase used when someone is too lazy to pic up a dictionary and describe how they really feel.
Brian- hey John, why so sad?

John- hey, I haven't gotten over the memories Stacy and I shared before she broke up with me. It has me feeling 'some type of way.'

Brian- Don't you mean nostalgic?

John- What's that?
by AMacch May 26, 2014
Jealous, envious, and/or extremely hateful about one's belongings or actions
1. Look at all these fools breaking their neck to see my chick, I know they feel "some type of way"!

2. Song by "Rich Homie Quan" "some type of way"
by J-Greazy October 22, 2013
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