process which involves a sledge hammer and microsoft os.
fatal error one oh one..hmmm,guess i better do some software engineering..
by wired_duck January 27, 2004
This is the term used when people wishes to make millions. This is mainley carried out by software engineers to increses there pay packets.
You have spent thousands on developing a talor made system for your company it gets implemented and then you hear:
"Oh! The software is incompatible with your system!" they say with a fake look of horror on there face's
"We will have to carry out some software engineering on the program."

Can you hear the till ringing?

Congratulations! you have fallen for the latest reincarnation of the oldest trick in the book. get as much money as you can out of the suckers!

Take my advice do not fall for it. ask for clarification and if you are in the UK threten them with the Trades Descriptions Act - goods supplied unfit for purposes they were intended.
by joshua z s February 05, 2004
Boring, cubicle work which involves a lot of lines of code and countless hours of boring work. Requirements are a tie and mad computer skills. Best example of a software engineer: Peter from Office Space.
I am a software engineer at Microsoft.
by Sean Sinha January 27, 2004
The process of designing and developing a piece of binary code that does stuff like sharing MP3s, creating popups, sending out spams...
software engineering? It's more like software degenerating!
by Billy Gate January 23, 2004
Boring shite that takes to long to do. and usually does nobody any good.
Have you seen the new windows?

Yeah. its total shite. like i expected it to be. mmmm smells like WinME to me
by Jobe October 10, 2003
1. An engineering discipline that is increasingly turning into a commodity much like cattle farming in the agriculture industry.

2. Disposable code factories, not cost effective to reuse or refurbish.
If those software engineers don't get the project done by the deadline, we will replace them with ones from India.
by Snowcat October 10, 2003
A widely used noun that is a oxymoron. Software cannot be engineered.
I rigorously derived a mathematically provable peice of psuedo-code. (Yeah, right...)
by S. Rittenhouse February 01, 2004

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