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The Most Horrible Movie in the History of Movie Making History.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have proven to be retards and very bad actors with the movie Gigli.

Gigli has caused the whole theater audience to go on a strike to get back their movie money paid for Gigli.
by Jobe August 07, 2003
a game involving getting drunk or "crunk"
lets get the crunktivity started!
by jobe August 31, 2005
Boring shite that takes to long to do. and usually does nobody any good.
Have you seen the new windows?

Yeah. its total shite. like i expected it to be. mmmm smells like WinME to me
by Jobe October 10, 2003
when a ranged class "E" Missle with nuklear composites are launched our dropped over any populated Areas.
did you hear? the US launched a nuklear attack against japan's Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the Pearl harbor attacks!
by Jobe October 10, 2003
Hot Only From Far Away
lets go check this girl out...whoa keep walking dude, HOFFA!
by jobe August 31, 2005

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