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if you 'play baseball' then you like boys. so if youre a girl, youre straight, and a boy, youre gay.

if someone says you 'suck at baseball' they mean you suck dicks and not pussies, so it can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your sex.

if theres a 'baseball tournament' or 'playoff game' coming up, there will most likely be lots of boys having butt secks, and it may be a surprise.

if someone accuses you of 'playin baseball' when in fact you are dont, tell them that you play 'softball' instead.

if you do actually play the sport baseball, some may automatically assume you are gay. when this occurs, prove them wrong by 'playing softball'.
boy 1-"dude, i think he plays baseball. i saw him makin out with a guy after school yesterday."
boy2-"you saw that?! aww man i thought we had finally picked out a good spot."
boy1-"ZOH MA GAWD! i am never talikng to you again, FAG!"

boy-"mom, someone told me i played baseball today. what does that mean?"
mom-"honey, go look it up on urban dictionary."

girl-"so, do you play baseball?"
boy-"HELL no, i play softball, all the way"
girl-"good, because not only do i play baseball, i suck at it too"
boy-"i was hoping you'd say that"
by Baconator4aBuck May 10, 2010
a lesbian sport; when someone says they are goin 'play softball', they are goin make lesbian love with other lesbians.

if someone tells you that you 'play softball' and youre not a lesbo, tell them that you play baseball instead. (that means youre straight)

to 'suck at softball' means that you suck girls's pussies, and to 'suck at baseball' is to suck dicks.

if a 'softball tournament' is goin on this weekend, then it will be a whole bunch of girls scissoring and doin other lesbian shit. also called a 'playoff game'

if you do actually play the sport of softball, some may automatically categorize you as one who 'plays softball'. i mean, just look at how you stand, your butt stickin out for everybody to see. it just looks wrong.
girl1-"me and a few other girls are goin play softball later, wanna come?"
girl 2-"sorry, im not a lesbian, you freak!"

girl 1-"omg, you totally suck at softball"
girl 2-"there is no fuckin way. i suck at baseball all the time."
by Baconator4aBuck May 10, 2010
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