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the right word for 'pop'
Shortened from soda pop
pop- mostly used by northerners in the USA and discusting canadians for soda

I would like a cream soda.... nm make it an orange soda

by coca September 30, 2003
52 97
a word commonly used in civilized areas to refer to a sweet, carbonated beverage

ant: pop, coke, tonic
We knew Tommy was raised in a cave when he used another word for soda.
by aqueoustrans January 03, 2005
470 335
Injectable cocaine often used in Hispanic communities.
Hey meng, you wanna do some soda?
by Cherrelle July 01, 2005
387 278
Used in Australia to describe a really easy sporting opportunity which has then been completely fucked up.

In cricket this is usually a dropped catch. The same applies to a dropping a mark in Australian Rules football, and it can also be a goal that is missed from very close range.

Also known as a sitter, gimme or dolly.
Give yourself an uppercut mate, you just missed a soda.

Last Saturday I dropped a fucking soda in slips and we lost by 1 wicket.
by Choda Boy 57 June 24, 2007
128 52
The foamy white crap you had to clean up after that lame "volcano" science experiment your Dad made you do in 5th grade.

Placing an opened box of soda (NACO2) in your refrigerator will help prevent odors and it is used in toothpastes to whiten teeth.

For a sweetened carbonated beverage, see pop.
Chicagoan: I'm putting some soda in the refrigerator.

Guy from NH: Gee that sounds swell! I love soda, can I have a Coca-Cola Classic Pweez!!!

Chicagoan: . . .
by Tyler DD. October 26, 2005
273 204
The improper term for Pop.
my friend: "Hey, give me a Soda!"

me: You mean Pop, right?
by Piranha October 31, 2007
251 210
Face it, you are all wrong. It isn't Pop, even though some people like calling it that (and in my opinion, that's perfectly fine) and it isn't called "Soda" for the reasons you may think it is. Soda, Pop, or Soda Pop, was named "Soda" due to it's chief ingredient: Sodium Bicarbonate, which is a soluble, crystalline form of Carbon. Now, they decided "Soda" because it is easier to say "Hand me a soda" than it is to say "Hand me a Sodium Bicarbonate soft drink." Some people started calling it "Pop" because of the popping noise that occurs when a can or bottle is opened, or because of the popping noises that the bubbles make.
In all honesty, I don't care if you say Soda, Pop, or Soda Pop; it really depends on where you grew up, or how informed you are. Please just stop the quarrels; some are funny, but most are just retards being bitches.
by Ushatek July 17, 2013
6 1
The best thing you can drink, but don't drink too much or you'll be fat or have bad teeth.
George: Soda tastes amazing, my favorite flavor is grape!

Fred: I used to like soda, but now i'm fat and my teeth are rotting because of it...

George: That's your own fault, dude.
by AnArChY231 February 16, 2014
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