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socl = Sitting On Chair Laughing, it is far better than rofl or lmao or even lol, it is very accurate as you are probably sat on a chair right now.
Jim - I prefer goats
Joey - I prefer MEDIBOT
Jim - SOCL
Joey - ...
by Adam Mason February 11, 2005
A short word for Sitting On (a) Chair Laughing
School Kid 1: Did u see that guy just trip over?
School Kid 2: SOCL
by ArIoM29 March 24, 2008
Sitting On The Chair Laughing, a more accurate online abbreviation for internet use, because nobody in their right mind would be "rolling on the floor laughing," or "laughing their ass off." Sitting On the chair Laughing is what they are actually doing. Anybody who types ROFL should perhaps seek help.
person 1: DUDE.. I JUST FARTED.
person 2: SOCL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by jbox151 August 19, 2006
Spinning on chair laughing
He socl'ed while on his computer watching videos of cows.
by iGnition. April 11, 2007
SOCL= Sitting on chair laughing. Invented by ehs5 under a msn-conversation because he thought that ROFL is so exaggerated. I'm pretty sure you don't actually are rolling on the floor and laughing when you write ROFL, if you laugh at all, you are sitting on a chair.
ehs5 invented the expression SOCL early 2005, since then it has been used by one other person so it became a little more famous.
by ehs5 April 30, 2005
Sitting On Chair Laughing; When you just don't have the energy to ROTFL
Bob: Hey did you hear how Cindy tripped right in the school yard
Sam: SOCL!
by Frostbyte197 December 02, 2014
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