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to prevent a male from masturbating.
I wanted to jerk it to the new Playboy, but my mom kept sockblocking me! :D
by :D'smom September 11, 2010
29 3
v. when a family member or house mate sees you plan to use the washer, and throws their load in before you can.
ex: Mary is in her room sorting through dirty clothes and forming a pile of things to be washed, meanwhile, Lynnette sees this and puts her laundry in first. Mary finishes sorting her laundry and is furious to find out that she has been sock-blocked.

Mary: WTF
Lynnette: Sorry, I just happened to have to do my laundry...
Mary: But you knew that I have to wash my clothes before my trip tomorrow!
Lynnette: Oops!
by countrygal12 July 08, 2009
4 0
When your wife or spouse gives you stuff to do before she leaves the house to run errands so you don't jerk it. (Into a sock)
Husband: You heading out?

Wife: Yea, I'll be back in an hour or so.

Husband: Cool, I have some stuff to do around here so... have fun.

Wife: (With suspicious eyes) Can you take the trash out and maybe unclog the bathroom sink?

Husband: (Looking everywhere but at suspicious eyes) Ummmm yea. I think I have time for that.

Wife: Okay, I love you.

Husband: Yea... me too.

- Wife departs -

Husband: Sock Block me? I'll get on that... Right after a quick visit to the spank bank.
by Sweet Evil February 18, 2011
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A sockblock is when one tries to block a cock with a sock. This is generally a major fail and can be confused with a condom (which is when it becomes an epic fail). For a better way to block cocks please contact 1-800-COCKBLOCK or go to your local cock blocking health facility located in Seoul, South Korea or Chicago, Illinois. If this is not local enough for you, please visit our website at www.cockblocksafety.com.
No, silly, that's a sockblock! You can't use that during sex!
by thatvideogirl October 20, 2011
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A variation of the term cock block, which would be used to define the act of one person preventing a man from sexual intercoarse, but in this case preventing a man from masterbating.
Adam: Man, I accidently just walked in on Jerry naked, it was not good.
Steve: Sick man, did he say anything?
Adam: No man he was just holding a sock...
Steve: Haha! You totally just Sock Blocked Jerry Man!
by Wollf April 12, 2010
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