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4 definitions by pfleeger2010

Verb: to fill an area with nastyness through means of a rancid fart
I had to get outta there, I stank assed the bathroom so bad the paint was starting to peel.
by pfleeger2010 March 27, 2011
15 6
The button (or sometimes a knob) found on the dash of a pickup or suv to lock the transfer case in four wheel drive.
Let's hit the fun button and go out and play in the mud.
by pfleeger2010 January 08, 2011
5 2
Device used to soak up any and all wet spots on the kitchen floor.
Ah dammit I stepped in another wet spot walking through the kitchen. Oh well, at least my sock dried it up.
by pfleeger2010 February 02, 2012
1 0
Phrase your friend utters when he didn't get his homework done and wants to copy yours.
Jared: "Hey Jew Fro, did you get your homework done?"

Me: "Yeah, why?"

Jared: "Can I copy it. I was up all night playing Call of Duty."

Me: "I suppose."
by pfleeger2010 February 21, 2011
1 1