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proper noun: Former president Clinton's Cat.
Screw that dog Buddy, Ya'll know Socks is the shnizz
by Jakeisgiaco September 24, 2003
The only diet soft drink to actually taste like the real thing.
Oh man, you quit regular soda? what are you gonna drink?

Diet pepsi vanilla...baby.
by jakeisgiaco May 02, 2004
v. To Juppa Jupe is to trick, beguile, or otherwise get the better of a person or group of people.
Oh man, you made him fall in the mud? You totally Juppa Juped him.
by Jakeisgiaco September 24, 2003
adj. A person or group of people who act on impulse, are always hungry, or are generally monstrousous in their demeaner and character.
Oh man, she said that? What a Beast!
by Jakeisgiaco September 24, 2003
n. A sufficient way of losing all of your money, five dollars at a time.
hey, wanna play some poker?
yeah, I got five bucks.
by Jakeisgiaco September 24, 2003
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