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Homos who think they are tough shit because they kick a ball around and bounce it off their heads. Seriously...balls on the head? Gaaaaaaay.
Ali is one of these soccer fags because he enjoys checkered balls on his face.
by Jamal Barkley June 11, 2009
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A soccer fag is anyone who has an extensive interest in-
-the game soccer
-the equipement of soccer
-the 'atheletes' of soccer
These complete douche bags also find it amusing to talk in a wog accent...
They also-
- refuse to acknowledge any other sport besides their own sport from which their name derives from. No matter how masculine and anti-soccer the sport is, it is aparently gay and no comparison to the sport in which 55% of all games end in 0-0.
Also note they refuse to call their 'sport' its true name, they insist on calling it football and not soccer.

Athelete: Hey man, sorry i didnt talk to you before, i had to get to *any sport other than soccer* practice. How are you?

Soccer fag: *in awful wog accent* oh you dont play football wtf bro! are you gay?! football is da best football 4 life eshays!

Athelete: No, speak english you retard!
by BIG DIESEL! September 29, 2009
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fagget guys who play soccr just to kick eachother in the balls and slide tackle eachother so they can roll on top of eachother usally have but buddies also there usally potheads!
Soccer fags are skinny gay guys who none of the other players like, they usally have butt buddies and smoke pot and love getting high and fucking other guys.
by Audrina October 19, 2007
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Any Diehard Soccer fan or player. Someone who nevers shuts up about Soccer and much better it is than any other sport. One who denies the ultimate truth: Athletes play sports,everyone else plays Soccer.
Soccer Fag: American Football is so boring and requires no skill, bla bla bla world cup bla bla bla soccers so great.

Other Athlete: Shut the hell up Soccer Fag!
by PtothaZ July 11, 2006
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Please see Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson plays soccer, therefore he is a soccer fag.
by ppjlojlksal;hadsliyakfh May 06, 2005
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