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1. Any poor-ass hobo with the uncanny ability to break anything he touches.
1. Newark is a city of Shoodoos

2. Sjoerd is only considered rich in Ethiopia, therefore he is of the poor. This, as well as his ability to break stuff makes him a straight up Shoodoo.
by PtothaZ July 14, 2006
1. European that dresses preppy and gay.

2. American that pretends to be European in terms of fashion and accent

3. European (and British) Douchebags that hate on American sports and glorify SOCCER (thats right soccer, not football). Also see Soccer Fag
1. A German with tight pants and a pink shirt is a straight up Euro Fag.

2. Just beacause an American lives overseas for 12 years doesn't mean he's European, like he thinks. It makes him a Euro Fag.

3. All of the people dissing Football (see American Football and Soccer) are Euro Fags, regardless of where they live
by PtothaZ July 11, 2006
Any Diehard Soccer fan or player. Someone who nevers shuts up about Soccer and much better it is than any other sport. One who denies the ultimate truth: Athletes play sports,everyone else plays Soccer.
Soccer Fag: American Football is so boring and requires no skill, bla bla bla world cup bla bla bla soccers so great.

Other Athlete: Shut the hell up Soccer Fag!
by PtothaZ July 11, 2006

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