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Possibly the best sport in the world. A sport that requires actual athletic ability. People who have never tried to play soccer, you need to stop criticizing it. In soccer you need to actually be able to run for 90 minutes straight, play through rain and not sub out at all. Practice every day and dedicate yourself to the sport. You need to play through injuries and shin bruises so deep it hurts to walk. You'll pull so many muscles and be so tired but you still walk back to the field because it's the only place you feel at home. Soccer requires dedication, focus, but most of all you need to want to win and you need to try. Soccer is the best sport ever.
You're only making fun of soccer cuz you know you'll never be able to play it
by soccerluvr April 27, 2012
3 8
Something little boys play until they are able to put on pads and play football like a man.
The soccer player met me on the gridiron now he is in the hospital.
by The Great Texasmortarman April 27, 2012
5 10
The best freaking sport in the world! Not only the most popular (the world cup is watched by more people than the super bowl) but simply one of the best.

And to those who claim it is for pussys and is not a contact sport, I have broken ribs, cause of soccer, as well as a dislocated knee and screwed up ankles, and I know somebody, who could die if she gets another soccer related concussion. So just shut up till you can play for 90 minutes straight with only shinguards on!
Guy 1: Dude, howed you do that? flag football in a park?
Soccer player: Freak no, had a soccer game this weekend
by Cross_Soccer_Country May 21, 2010
10 15
The best sport in the world. nuff said.
Dang. Soccer is so much better than the the gay football.
by caleb ward October 11, 2008
42 47
what american football should be called.

It makes no sense for soccer to be called soccer when it is called football everywhere else, and it doesn't make sense to call football "football" when the ball and the foot hardly ever make contact!! So, they should just switch the names so everything would make more sense
Italian foreign exchange student: Hello, my name is Luigi and I like to play football.
American student: Umm... you look a little skinny to play football. Do you mean soccer?
Italian: What is soccer?
American: -_-
by you got em lost for words August 19, 2008
29 34
The Sport of the sexy.
Cat plays soccer, and dang, shes hot!
by Christina Ottah February 06, 2008
29 34
what most of the world calls football
Tyler: Hey man, do you play soccer?
Taylor: Yeah dude, it's awesome. It takes a lot of skill and practice and it keeps you in good shape.
by whatserface December 22, 2007
56 61