Top Definition
1. Being on the phone with someone while urinating and/or defecating

2. A poor decision
1. "I was on the can and Kelly decided to call me then. I couldn't miss her call and let it go to voicemail, so I had no choice but to make a shit call."

2. "stupid ref! the ball didn't touch the ground! what a shit call."
by Gooshyy July 28, 2011
The last call of the day, that usually ends up being a shit show and results in you being kept past your scheduled time off by an hour or more(usually a lot more). Usually always happens on a Friday. Or the last day of your scheduled rotation.
R: Hey buddy, you off yet?
J: Hell no, 10 minutes to 3 I got a shitcall. Not off till 6 now
by McRaab November 22, 2014

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