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When you scream very loudly for no apparent reason. Possibly caused by anger, frustration, or extreme horniness.
Jorge let out a primal scream when his computer died...just before he saved his 25 page essay on the life and works of M.C. Escher.
by RatchetBoo July 07, 2003
a fucking great band, their album screamadelica gives me a stiffy.
get primal scream on, your simply red album is shite.
by frank pubes December 31, 2004
Running nude at the end of each semester at Harvard.
Larry Summers was lookin' good this year at primal scream...
by Larry's Little Bitch April 13, 2003
A)A book by psychologist Arthur Janov on certain principles such as facing childhood fears and getting in touch with what hurts you the most.
B)The book and therapy that inspired rock band Tears for Fears. The writings off their first album 'The Hurting' are very easy to connect to the books concepts. The very name of the band was derived from his book 'Prisoners of Pain'.
C)The bellow one lets out when they have reached a level of uttermost internal pain. The pain might not even be realized by the individual and the scream can be uncontrolable.
D)John Lennon went through primal scream therapy with Arthur Janov before being sent back to England on account of a problem with foreign policy. His therapy was never completed and he was very shook up.
As Nicky sat on the bed listening to his father beat his mother he let out his primal scream.
by Himiko January 31, 2005
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