a name given to the sport known as football (the best damn sport there is)

in regards to the def. from 'spikesy' (no.25)

"5) It's only 90 minutes, while an American football game is 4 hours, Therfour to play Football you have to have more stamina than in soccer."
-yes but they are actually running up and down a massive pitch for 90minutes straight

"6) Keep in mind that America plays Soccer and most of Europe dosn't play American Football. Who has a right to judge those sports, the Country that plays both or the country that plays only one?"
-why would europe waste their time in american football when they could be playing the real thing

"7) What's the deal with the short-shorts and knee-high socks anyway?"
-its logic. they're eaiser to run in and their shorts really aren't that short. the long socks are to keep the shin guards in place. and american football, whats with the tights?

"8) If Football as known around the world, IT would be the most popular sport."
-but it's not known around the world. why? cause its crap

"9) Do you know why America dosn't like soccer? Because Americans have 4 other sports to watch and play that are ten times better than soccer. Soccer is boring, America knows this because we've played it coutless times, and if it wasn't for the World cup and a 'need" to be in it we could quite playing it. Soccer is a boring game of luck, witch compared to other american sports, very easy to play."
-the only reason they don't play it is cause they suck

and dude, don't diss the europeans, majority of americans came form europe.
american - soccers a fag sport

european - its called football. you know why? cause we actually use our feet, not our hands. fag sport you say? we're not the ones who pile on top of eachother like a group of homosexuals
by insomniac16 August 06, 2006
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The world's most popular sport
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
A game in which you actually have to be able to run for at least 90 minutes straight (unlike 'American Football' where they stop 'playing' every 2 minutes). It involves speed, strength, skill as well as a shit load of practice and dedication. If you've never played it and you're bashing it anyway, get the fuck off your ass and try to do anything close to what the professionals can do. It's harder than it looks, jackass.
Lazy fuck: Hey look at me, I'm a lazy fuck that has nothing better to do than sit on my ass and make fun of things I know nothing about!
Soccer player: *Punches lazy fuck in the face*
by Deb. February 20, 2004
The world's best sport. To the american football fans that bash it saying it involves no skill, try the following:

1. Put a ball in the upper corner with 5 men blocking your way
2. Drible 3 players without getting the ball stolen
3. Keep the ball in the air for 10 minutes straight without using your hands.

When you can acheive it, then tell me soccer needs no skill. About you saying it's a "pussy" sport, there are soccer players that play with broken hands and/or fingers (because it is FOOTball), you can badly damage your knee, legs, ankles, etc because you only use shin protection.
Soccer pwns american football
by Soccer pwns j00 December 19, 2004
The most criticized sport in the United States because of "low scoring, no contact, look gay, fags, blah blah".. when actually its the best sport in the world. It is normally dissed by American Football players that feel they are "men" because they wear a shitload of pads and run for 5 seconds at a time. Most of the time, the hot ladies end up with a soccer player.
American Football player - How did he get that fine girl?
Hot girl - He plays soccer. I love soccer players.
American Football player - Damn. My penis is small.
Soccer player - Ho Ho Ho.. I'm the man.
by SirLeche May 03, 2005
Sport that all the sexy men play.
Guys with great, muscular legs! Yummy!
Man, he plays soccer, what a hottie!!
by soccer July 15, 2003
Soccer is the world's most popular sport, and for good reason. Soccer actually requires physical skill and mental toughness. Unlike lame US sports like football, baseball, or nascar (nascar for fuck's sake), soccer players are required to put in some effort.

Football players rest every single goddamn play. Baseball players stand in a field for hours playing with themselves. Nascar isn't even a sport--it's driving a car in a fucking circle 500 times.

For those who say soccer is a pussy sport, stop being ignorant. Football seems tough but with all those pads it's pointless. It's just a pussified version of rugby. Wow America sure screws up good sports.
Soccer is better than football because it takes actual talent.

Soccer girls are hot.

American football is retarded because they never use their feet except for kickers/punters. Call it throwball/runball/carryball/idiotball, just not football.
by nation January 28, 2006
The best sport known to man. Takes a shit load of indurance and speed.. i would know im a soccer player..soccer kicks ass |..|,
If you dont like soccer.. call me at 1-800-eat-shit
by Nick Valadao July 23, 2004
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