A style of dress seen on college campuses everywhere.
Spandex pants, North Face jacket, UGG boots, Girl.
"Wow...look at that snug that we just drove past!"
by Mummraa December 02, 2011
A rare breed of pug which cannot not cuddle, and must at all times be snuggling, chinning, plopping, or owling on something.
Ring ring


Wanna go get stripe noods?

Can't man gonna have to order in, these snugs are on a rampage of snuggles and can't be stopped right now. Linus and rerun are worse than miley.
by #linusandrerun November 15, 2013
Sike, Nah U Good
Bystander: you're looking mighty fine today, Amy

Amy: Really? thanks!

Bystander: SNUG
by Suzi Says Feng Shui November 05, 2011
a wedgie.

when your underwear, short, pants, ect. get wedged right in between your butt cheeks
Babe, I have a snug. Can you pull it put for me?
by OneLove7 December 26, 2010
A slang word for Alright or OK.
That chick is tight, but her friend is pretty "snug" too.

My car is snug.

How was dinner? It was snug.
by Bobkragers February 02, 2010
Slang term for marijuana.
Liz: Heyy, do you have any snug?
Bridget: Yeah, I'll smoke you out.
by L122Y January 05, 2010
I person that you love very much and want to snuggle with. A nick-name for ones bf/gf/lover.
Hey snug, are we going to play poker tonight?
by EllenD February 12, 2008
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