Snug is a word that is used to greet a friend, i.e a replacement for the word safe. This word was first seen in the short film named "AAAH!"
"Safe sarah" "Snug" "AAAAAH!"
by Dan Turpin March 17, 2005
SNUG is a Crew of people in the Erie PA/Indiana State/New York State who play Call of duty WOW and hang out and go to shows. They have a mutual dislike with SOSF for the ICP crew SSK.
hey, are you in SNUG?
by Jagzi11a April 28, 2009
Sticky Nugs
N-Dizzle: "I got snuggly last night."
Ashcroft: "Schweeet!"
by N-Dizzle March 16, 2004
To stick your two middle fingers in a vagina and move them back and forth.
I want to snug julie's vagina so bad.
by samusfox February 27, 2005
When a woman is being simultaneously penetrated by a penis in the vagina and an anal teabagging
"I was so snug last night! Tom gave me a good snuggling!"
by OSnowToGo April 17, 2015

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