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Medium sized breasts, bigger than nubbins, an old term used to describe the size of breasts before 34-b-c or 36-b-c was termed.
I need a bra to fit my 34 chest and snubbins breasts.

(I saw this on a sales ticket on a bra at a lingerie department in Alberton, South Africa. It was an 'old' way of describing breast size, especially cup size used "in the olden days" and may need further research)
#bra #breasts #cup size #measurement of breasts #chest
by AAMANN July 25, 2008
1. Making fun of someone to the point where they lose all self-esteem
2. Clubbing while in a snuggie; utilizing a snuggie in a way by which you can pick up chicks, dance the night away, and keep your arms warm.
1. That bully was totally snubbin' the shiz out of that kid. He gave him such a big wedgie that his underwear chaffed booty.
2. Dude, let's go snubbin' tonight! I need some sex from that whore outside the bowling alley.
#snuggie #clubbing #whore #booty #sex
by herroderrrrr777 July 08, 2010
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