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A blanket with sleeves! Who would have thought of such a thing? Really though, it's just a robe worn backwards, but if you wear a robe backwards, you're not actually wearing a snuggie. You can wear these to sporting events, grocery stores, out at campfires, and where ever else you can be made fun of at.
The Snuggie: it's a blanket with sleeves! Or, you could just put on a jacket.
by Zeus, The Almighty Ruler December 26, 2008
The blanket that makes monks want to punch you in the face for jocking their wardrobe. It will ruin your sex life.
"Dude, I bought one of them snuggie jawnts, and I haven't gotten laid, and I look like a retarded monk".

by spankbearx69 April 06, 2009
A pedophiles uniform.
Attention all cars: Be on the lookout for anyone in a snuggie. Consider extemely pervish.
by Colin P C. November 10, 2009
Possibly the best blanket ever known to man kind, i mean seriously, You can just like sit on the couch and die or something. but at least you will die warm!
Dude 1: Are you sure that guy is dead? he's warm
Dude 2: Naw man, He is wearing a snuggie!
Dead guy: hell to the yeah
by ZappyDoo January 16, 2009
A retarded, backwards robe that will completely ruin your social life. It will turn you into a tool!
Ever since I bought the snuggie, my parents wont talk to me, anymore.
by FunniPersin November 20, 2009
(n) Secret Nazi torture device disguised as a comfortable, one size fits all blanket for the poor and elderly;synonymous with shame and levity.
Helpless, dazed, and severely confused snuggie user: "Aahh, make it stop! The poor, back - open design and obvious lack of fashion sense has left me alone in this IHOP parking lot with a bare buttocks and a strange, perpetual loss of my sense of direction!
by Pooperscooper! November 04, 2009
a freakin backwards robe! dont wear it, u'll look like a tool. especially dont wear them in public either, people will stare and they will laugh and u will feel like an idiot. but it does allow u to do incredibly simple tasks while still looking like an idiot. but to all u nerds they look great for ur jedi battles. so if u wanna feel retarded go buy one...they even give u a free flash light. yay?
mom can i get a snuggie? no just get a blanket loser.
by AWESOME! March 17, 2009