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Breasts of a large size, used as a size description, before the C-D-E cup-size for a bra was used. This is the extreme, at the top range of sizes for breasts, as used before A - E was 'coined', from nubbins to snubbins to DROOPERS. The word is also 'pictorially' correct
She has a pair of droopers compared to her sister's nubbins or her friends snubbins breasts.
by AAMANN July 25, 2008
Medium sized breasts, bigger than nubbins, an old term used to describe the size of breasts before 34-b-c or 36-b-c was termed.
I need a bra to fit my 34 chest and snubbins breasts.

(I saw this on a sales ticket on a bra at a lingerie department in Alberton, South Africa. It was an 'old' way of describing breast size, especially cup size used "in the olden days" and may need further research)
by AAMANN July 25, 2008
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