To ignore, blow off, to not pay attention
Squids tend to snub you if they think they're too good for you.
by Daffe June 18, 2003
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v. describes the action of ignoring, failing to notice, or pretending not to see someone.
a person is usually snubbed when they are disliked or the other person couldnt be bothered talking to them.
see also blow off, fuck off

Pete: Stephanie snubbed me today when she walked past. What a dog! It's just cause she's stuck up.
Joe: Maybe it's not that at all. Maybe it's because your head looks like a rockmelon.
Pete: Maybe.
by b3c July 16, 2005
A revolver/handgun.
.38 Snub Revolver
by Cody January 08, 2004
snub nose. small 6 shooter gat that has a short barrell. Dosent leave behind any shells.
when i bust i use snubs so i dont get locked.
by lehem woldezghi January 12, 2004
when you get deliberately ignored or blanked by someone who knows you or is acquainted to you because they're stuck up, ego tripping, a tosser trying to be cool or you've had an argument
my sister-in-law is a fat cow who snubs me on a daily basis even though she's shagging my brother on almost a daily basis
by accessdeniedson February 08, 2011
Vagina Hair often eaten for pleasure.
I ate Kassem's snub last night for dinner.
by MarryGoRound April 25, 2011
the act of sendinga neglecting or one word txt response.
kalyn: hey whatsupp?
John: nothing
kalyn: SNUB!
John: i cant believe you.
by juanriordan February 27, 2009

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