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Snobs. Yuppies. Pretentious people only interested in money.
"I'm in the club wit the snubs" -50 Cent
by Jennifer Hinds June 20, 2005
5 20
the act of sendinga neglecting or one word txt response.
kalyn: hey whatsupp?
John: nothing
kalyn: SNUB!
John: i cant believe you.
by juanriordan February 27, 2009
12 28
Silencer for a handgun
My heat fitted with a snub.
by bamboo June 20, 2003
6 46
A car, usually black
Yeah im rolling with tha all black snub...

i'm gonna pull out and unload ma snub on ya bitch ass ho's
by fdr October 28, 2006
4 45
It is an alcoholic drink
Runnin round this bitch, pissy drunk off tha snub!
by LULU February 25, 2005
10 52
snub - a member of the underclass crew, an amazing emcee
"yo dawg, did ya hear snub on 91.6 shock FM last nigth? he was killer"
by snub July 29, 2003
8 50