Brandon's (Shreddus Maximus) solo project campaigned in the 80's in and around the Corpus Christi area. Headed by Brandon "Shredus Maximus" (lead guitar) and "Oreo" (Drummer) formerly of "Pistols and Petals". The apex of the bands career was a 70 minute guitar shred/solo by "Shredus Maximus" while "Oreo" went into a epileptic fit/trance for the duration at the Battle of the Bands '86. The band rocked hard and partied even harder, which eventually led to the downfall of Snow Storm. When the band got so blown out they could not pronounce their own names or hold up their instruments they knew it was the end. Also see "waste of rock talent".
Damn did you hear Snow Storm rip that shit up at the bar last night? Yeah so hard they made a fuckin' blizzard bro.
by D Rock 1 October 19, 2007
Top Definition
1. a plethora of cocaine; a large amount used for coc parties

2. a cocaine party (usually snorted through the nostrils)
Oh my god, I went to the most amazing snowstorm last night!
by joesmith40 September 15, 2006
When a guy cums in a womans butthole while she is upside down butthole sticking towards the sky and the woman farts and creates a snow storm.
I didnt want to get her pregnant and wanted a scene so i gave her a snow storm
by cfb September 13, 2006
The act of receiving a blowy while one simultaneously enjoys his favorite frozen treat.
Carlos asked Yolanda for a snowstorm, so she grabbed the pail of ice cream and got down on her knees.
by Donny Lucy June 22, 2010
1. N.- Traditionally referred to as Bukkake. When mutiple men stand around one woman and repeatedly ejactulate onto her face. see snowstorm

2. N.- Heavy snow fall.
1. Look at that bitch caught in a snow storm! Asian porn is weird!

2. Looks like the snow storm cut the power!
by Bexxx May 01, 2004
Severe pubic dandruff.
I was going to eat that girl out last night, but she had a snow storm going on
by bdrebel January 02, 2011
A large group of white people, generally male.
i.e. Tasse and Lana walked into Cabin, the local country club, and immediately muttered, "there's a snow storm here tonight." They left shortly after.
by Melana12 December 28, 2010
when a chic or dude farts out a load of semen from their anal cavity following a good ole fashion corn holing.
Amber could not help but have a snowstorm after Garry Cline rammed her bulbous ass.
by Mark Regnidiew January 31, 2005

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