When you put cocaine into a partner's asshole and they fart it into your face as you inhale.
There was a party and josh took a snowstorm from Melanie. He was messed up.
by Josh hart March 31, 2015
To pull your dick out as you're about to cum and wave it around like you just don't care, spraying cum all over her, giving her a snow day.
"Dude I totally gave her a snowstorm last night"

"Yeah man?"

"Pulled that shit out and sprayed jizz all over here, what a snow day that was"
by TheHatterOfMadness July 21, 2014
Ending of a gang bang when all the guys shoot off their loads all at once on the girl/guy
We really gave that girl a bad snowstorm
by SinfulDelmin September 16, 2011
Anti-freeze and cocaine.
You dissolve the cocaine into the anti-freeze and either take it in shots or shoot it up like heroine.
Taylor: Austin get the anti-freeze!
Slikk: I got the 8 ball!
Aaron: Were doing snowstorms!
by Andrew's University? March 06, 2011
Brandon's (Shreddus Maximus) solo project campaigned in the 80's in and around the Corpus Christi area. Headed by Brandon "Shredus Maximus" (lead guitar) and "Oreo" (Drummer) formerly of "Pistols and Petals". The apex of the bands career was a 70 minute guitar shred/solo by "Shredus Maximus" while "Oreo" went into a epileptic fit/trance for the duration at the Battle of the Bands '86. The band rocked hard and partied even harder, which eventually led to the downfall of Snow Storm. When the band got so blown out they could not pronounce their own names or hold up their instruments they knew it was the end. Also see "waste of rock talent".
Damn did you hear Snow Storm rip that shit up at the bar last night? Yeah so hard they made a fuckin' blizzard bro.
by D Rock 1 October 19, 2007

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