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1. a plethora of cocaine; a large amount used for coc parties

2. a cocaine party (usually snorted through the nostrils)
Oh my god, I went to the most amazing snowstorm last night!
by joesmith40 September 15, 2006
(noun) a derogatory term used for an HIV positive person, usually a man; typically used in the gay community, it usually describes a person who has casual sex with other partners without informing them of their HIV status
You don't want to hook up with that guy, he's a total infect.
by joesmith40 September 15, 2006
a phrase used when one straight female informs another that a hot guy she just saw is, in fact, gay
Oh, he's a queer dear. Sorry sweetie.
by joesmith40 September 15, 2006
Shorthand slang for "homosexual"; generally used in a humorous tone, by other gay men.
Do you see that guy's jeans!? Oh my god, he is a raging mosexual!
by joesmith40 September 15, 2006
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