A male that comes quick,has a lot of come,or comes frequently.Likes hand jobs. Likes to "snow" on females. Snow is known as cum.
A snowman is also known as minute-men. A "Skeeter"
by Modelmami316 November 15, 2005
When a guy is getting head, right before he's about to splooge, he pulls outta the girls mouth, jizzes all over her face, and sticks a carrot in her mouth.
Right before he was about to finish, he pulled outta the girls mouth and gave her a snowman.
by Whitey n Out December 18, 2006
When two men cum in each others mouths and then make out with each other and swap cum.
Vinny the fag did a snowman with Zach last night.
by John June 19, 2006

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