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The area of accumulated snow on top of your vehicle (usually a truck or SUV) that you can't quite reach to sweep off, which resembles a mohawk.
I warmed the truck up & brushed it off, but I couldn't get the whole top - so we have a snowhawk.
by topseyturvey February 02, 2006
The sculpted ridge of central snow left on the roof of a vehicle by someone either too lazy or too short to brush it all off.
I was cruising down the highway behind a Tahoe sporting this ginormous snowhawk when the Tahoe's driver hit a pothole. Like an icy combover on a guy in a convertible, the damned snowhawk grabbed air, flipped back towards me, and I was sure that was going to be the last thing my Prius and I ever saw.
by Duxall Inarow December 11, 2009
A strip of snow left down the center of the roof of a person's vehicle. Either because they are too short to reach it, or just too damn lazy. Resembles the Mo~hawk hairstyle.
There was so much snow on his car that George gave up clearing it off and he left a big old snow hawk.
by ~ Ms Fran ~ December 24, 2008
A type of snowmobile containing 1 front ski rather than two. More similar to a dirtbike made for snow.
"I leaned into the turn with my kick ass snowhawk"
by BeaverBanker March 08, 2006
That ridge of snow left on top of your roof that you just can't reach from either side with a ice scraper.
We like to sit at the bar after a day on the mountain and goof on the flatlander's snowhawks as they drive by.
by Ham'n'eggs December 10, 2007
the strip of snow left on the center of the roof of your car that you couldn't reach to clean off.
"yeah, after the storm i couldn't reach the middle of the roof of my car, so i have a wicked snowhawk left.
by carmental December 28, 2010
When you are trying to clean your car off during or after a snowstorm but you and your ice scraper can't reach the top middle of the truck it creates a Mohawk-like design of snow on the vehicle.
Hey man, tough time reaching the top of your truck? Ya got a snowhawk there.
by BeethovenBones June 08, 2013
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