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when a crack pipe is filled to the brim with freebase cocaine or plain old crack.
Hurry up and pack me up a snowcone so that I can get an earringer, douchebag!
by monica o'donoughue January 04, 2005
when a guy dips his penis into a bowl of cum which makes it look like a snow cone than fucks a girl
If you want an example just read the definition what more do you want. Snow cone
by Peanut1-2- November 07, 2011
When a guy cums on a girl's tits and proceeds to lick it off as if it were a snowcone, savoring every last drop as if it were covered in a rainbow of cherry, buble gum, and lime flavoring.
Damn, I cant believe that guy just snowconed his own spunk off of Kitty's tits. He must have been starving.
by BashPhul July 19, 2011
A rear-positioned oral sex style in which the testicles and anus are licked from behind while the man is in bent-over position, and while the penis is masturbated. The name comes from the dessert, due to the way the sexual act looks when performed.
A man bends over while someone Snowcones him.
by Icepic March 21, 2011
When a female stimulates a male by rubbing his testicles or licking the side of his cock while he is laying down and his cock is erect and pointing straight up, the "snow cone" occurs when the cum oozes out and remains on top of the cock, ready to eat.
She blew me, squeezed me, licked me... and finally ate the snow cone.
by Slo Joe Jizz August 30, 2010
is the gay equivalent of a rainbow kiss, after two guys give each other head and blow there load in each others mouth they kiss with the cum (white like snow) still in there mouths
after having oral fun the gay couple engaged in a snow cone
by john pooper February 21, 2011
a word that creepy people use to hit on you when they want your pussy.
"i like your snowcone"
by Mimi121 July 10, 2008