a cool desirable treat served by Sno-Kone Joe
"Hey man will you buy me a snow cone from Sno-Kone Joe, I just spent my last dollar on crack."
by Austaul Hattavitch September 14, 2005
A woman with large Breasts.or boobs,chest,Etc.
"That had some big Snow Cones."
"I'd like to taste her Snow Cones."
by M&A O&A October 08, 2007
When you take an icecream cone, have a man/woman give head to a man/woman until that person skeets (jizzes, cums, ejaculates,etc.)on the top of the icecream and having the person who gave head eat the icecream cone.
"Man it was this chick who gave dis dude head, and den he came on this icecream cone, and she ate dat Snow Cone cuz"
by Drew "AK" Y. May 21, 2007
Eating snow out of your girl's pussy. Also watermelon snowcone
When Stephen was out shoveling snow, all he could think about was having a snowcone with his girlfriend afterwards
by P-ski December 12, 2005
well from what i heard, it is maybe, not sure, when someone is giving a blow job and then you spit it in the other person's mouth or put it in the other person's mouth. i never heard it before that is why i came here to see if there was anything and there wasn't. so what is everyone's opinion.
a guy blows in your mouth and you spit it back in his is called a snow cone??
by divnity_5757 November 12, 2005
when whore eskimo chick is sucking off a man's cold cock
I was walking past an igloo the other day and i happened to stumble upon a eskie giving a guy a hard snow cone!!
by dfgwfgaa July 17, 2006
when you masturbate and get cum on your hand then lick it off (kinda like a snowball but without a partner)
thanks del
Del cranked one off, and when he got nut juice on his hand he had a snowcone.
by the wart March 15, 2006

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