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When a girl is sitting down and giving her guy head while he is coloring her hair.
Guy: "Do you want just the one color with your snowconing, or should I add more?

Girl: "Glub Glub"
by Bladedancer July 30, 2012
An alternative to snowballing for Vampires. When a Vampire bites and draws blood from their partner into their own mouth. They then share the blood via french kissing.
Bill sank his teeth into Sookie's neck, drawing her warm blood into his mouth. He pressed his lips together and aligned his mouth above hers. Bill moved closer, opening his mouth as they kissed, snowconing the blood and sharing it back and forth with their tongues.
by Thomas McNab February 02, 2011
The act of inserting ice cubes into your partners anus, then performing anal sex, with the ice cubes melting,your genitalia becomes covered in anal juice, after ejaculating,you then wipe your cum/anal juice covered genitals over your partners lips and nose.
Guy 1> that chic last night was nasty as hell

Guy 2> yeah man totally, we even used the anal ice cubes

Guy 1> You were snow coning her? Thats fucked up man.
by bored bartender December 22, 2011
kissing a person you just gave head to, with that persons cum in your mouth still
Girl is giving Boy head. Boy cums in Girls mouth,Girl comes up and the Boy and Girl tounge kiss while the Boys cum is still in the Girls mouth.
by Shantavia June 27, 2005
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