After your dun goin down on a guy/girl you french kiss them
Sticky-icky-icky-icky. After Taryn was dun giving John head, she kissed him and he pushed her off and bitch slapped her nasty ass!
by TalkOfTheTown November 20, 2004
When you're fucking a girl doggy style and you kick her arms out from her and ride her like a snowblower.
"I was doing the Snow Blower with her, it was hilarious."
by Slappy Fack November 30, 2006
When the male partner ejaculates into the women's ass, but as he pulls out she then farts, spraying his semen all over him.
Do we really need to use an example for the snowblower?
by B to the mutha f*ckin' T November 15, 2006
okay when a girl spits the cum in a guys mouth it's a snowball, a snowblower is when a girl gives a guy head and then as he's blowing his load he shoves his cock up her nose
After the snowblower I gave Jenny her nose ached for a week.
by urbancowboy726 March 23, 2006

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