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A deviant sex kitten. The kind that's so sneaky about her nocturnal adventures you can play "slap and tickle" with her, and still take her to meet your mother .... At church.
"my wife is the ultimate trophy, she is a total Mykio."
#sugar mama #motor boating #wonderful human #perfection #pervert
by mandtastic December 28, 2013
A tiny half Asian girl. Most notable for her love of karaoke and jazz hands. Often mistaken for Mexican or Spanish ethnicity.
"I was at a karaoke bar last night, and got into a dance battle with a ninja squid. It was awesome."
#asican #tiny dancer #fast and sticky #i don't speak spanish #jazz hands
by Mandtastic December 29, 2013
A warm alcoholic beverage with Michigan origins. This Cocktail made with cranberry juice, cinnamon, clove, lemon, and spiked heavily with rum is usually served around the winter holidays. This festive refreshment renders even the most conservative drinker into a sloppy lush with overwhelming urges to high five and hump other guests.
"holy shit! I got trashed on SnowBlowers at the office Christmas party and humped the VP. I hope I'm not fired."
#michigan #no panties #holiday hump fest #burtons #high five #sock party
by Mandtastic December 29, 2013
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