A famous brand of 'bath salt,' a class of designer drugs that gained prominence in 2010.
"10 mg of insulfated Snow Leopard should keep you blazing the night away."
by hammerofthegods December 19, 2011
Top Definition
1. A hot, older woman aged 56 yo and up; a gilf.
2. The final step in the milf/cougar/lynx continuum.
Check out that hot blue-hair over there--what a snow leopard!
by E. Boskin January 19, 2007
A very hot older woman that is older than a cougar. She has slicked back white hair and liver spots.
Man, look at that hot snow leopard over there.
by Badaducci April 04, 2010
Beautiful animals, protected but hunted still.
They live in Tibet almong other countries.
I agree with the Dalaï Lama : Snowleopards must be safed.
by All ice February 08, 2006
1. "Snow Leopard" is the nickname of Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong, the first Olympic skier from the nation of Ghana. He became a world media sensation in 2010 when he qualified to ski in the Vancouver Olympic Games.

Kwame, 31, grew up in Accra, Ghana, where the average temperature is about 79 degrees F and it has never snowed during his lifetime. He learned to ski only six years ago at artificial snow dome in Milton Keynes, England, where he previously worked as a receptionist.

Despite having no sponsors and very little money, he was able to represent Ghana in the men's slalom event thanks to the generosity of friends and relatives. His special "Snow Leopard" pin became the hottest item in Vancouver as athletes from around the world raced to snap them up. (Only 1,500 were made.)

A father and animal lover, he has a small foundation devoted to the preservation of actual snow leopards in Africa.

2. A very cool guy who knows how to ski very fast.

3. The pride of Africa in this year's Winter Olympics.
I'm flying to Vancouver to see "The Snow Leopard" compete in the men's slalom event. Bang those gates, baby!
by Peter Kobs February 20, 2010
Older women in their 60s, 70s, and above that still like to flaunt their goods at all times of the day.
This snow leopard was walking around the neighborhood wearing nothing but a pink robe.
by Karl_04 February 05, 2011
Hot, sexy and smart women over 50 that think out of box. They live longer then cougar, their coat cost more money, they jump higher then a cougar. Plus they don't take after any other cat. The are considered the worlds most beautiful animal in the world. So all of us hot over the age of women of 50 are called Snow Leopards as we out shine cougars.
by greyhairlady March 25, 2013
The black counterpart of a mudshark, i.e. a black woman who hooks up with white dudes.
Halle Barry is such a snowleopard, I mean, she had a kid with that white guy.
by Sethrules December 19, 2009

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