The oldest and richest of all cougars. Indigenous to the South Florida area. 50 to 60 years old and beyond. Preys on men in their 40's and 50's. Easily spotted by their tan, leathery skin, jumpsuits, and big hair.
Wow, this Snow Leopard is totally hitting on my Dad!
by Winstapants September 23, 2010
Refers to an attractive single girl/woman who is rarely seen out in the wild (i.e. out at bars, clubs or other single-friendly social gatherings). This elusive breed is known for early morning yoga classes, "girls dinners" ending at 9pm and repetitive watching of The Notebook on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.
Can't believe I saw Heather out last night, she's a total snow leopard!
by Freetreedog November 03, 2014
1) Feminine: A hot Asian female with large natural breasts
2) Masculine: An attractive Asian male with a large penis
Example 1: "Hey man, did you see that Snow Leopard over there at the end of the bar?"
"I sure did! Who hasn't seen her!? She is busting out of that tank top!"

Example 2: "Asian men aren't usually my thing but that guy in your office is really hot!"
"Yea, I know right! And word is he is a real life Snow Leopard"!
by The Surgeon 315 August 22, 2015
When one's cumshot lands on a housecat.
Example 1: Shit dude, I just pulled a snow leopard.

Example 2: Do you have a towel? My boyfriend just pulled a snow leopard.
by khenes January 01, 2011
A famous brand of 'bath salt,' a class of designer drugs that gained prominence in 2010.
"10 mg of insulfated Snow Leopard should keep you blazing the night away."
by hammerofthegods December 19, 2011
An older woman, like a cougar, but one that uses hard drugs such as coke or meth.
Usage - Bro you might think cougars are hot, but snow leopards are easy.
by Hawk65 August 24, 2012
Noun. A Cougar above the age of 60 or who's hair has started to grey and who prefers the company of younger men. They often try to portray themselves as much younger and truly believe people do not know their age. Snow Leopards are associated with MILFS and GILFS.
The Cougar was hot, but so was her Snow Leopard mom.
by The Gray Ghost October 10, 2010

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