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Snow Leopard - the male equivalent of a 'Cougar'
Gets it name from the gray/white hair of older men.
The older man who pounces on much younger women.
They most likely have money, power and drive a high end car.
A 55 year old man dating a 28 year old women

"Check out the old snow leopard picking up on the young chicks."
by chevolay August 25, 2009
2 22
A rare breed of cougar with grey hair.
Chris didn't make it home from the bar last night because he found a snow leopard on the prowl and couldn't pass the opportunity up.
by 'derm October 12, 2007
10 30
A common nick-name or code word used to describe a friend or co-worker who always seems to difficult to locate in times of need. Such as a boss or manager who is never at his desk, or a friend who disappears mysteriously when they enter a romantic relationship. When they are found, it's a rare event that is often noted and documented.
Peer: Where is Fran? We can't find him. I haven't seen him in weeks.

Ty: You know what they say, It's hard to spot a Snow Leopard.
by Ty Ruski March 01, 2009
6 28
Unlike the older, more abundant cougar, the snow leopard is rarely seen. Snow leopards are those truly gorgeous, head-turning young females that seem to hang out at Starbucks, the trendy nightclubs, the gym and your fantasies.
Damn, dude, I'm pretty sure all the waitresses at the Flying Saucer are snow leopards. Sweet!
by jc76 November 12, 2007
5 34