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something Tiger Woods should never say again lol
Tiger: I always wanted to say this.... fo shizzle!
by DMJeff24 April 01, 2007
an activity that lets your mind wander free, allowing you to have fun without worrying about other worldly things
Mark: Hey, did you go to Cedar Point yesterday?

Bob: Yeah, it was a holiday, I forgot to do my math homework too!
by DMJeff24 April 01, 2007
particles of sawdust that end up on the rafters in the industrial arts building
Teacher: nice going bob, you got it snowing in here again
by DMJeff24 January 26, 2007
you may have seen this on a cartoon network commercial, its a term used to describe a fart that is loud and obnoxious, like the sound that the character is making on the commercial
Guy1: hey guess what?

Guy2: what now?!?

Guy1: I pooted....
by DMJeff24 December 09, 2006
Something that sounds like it would hurt quite a bit... mentioned in The Fairly Oddparents
Cosmo: What's a chompy? Does it hurt?
by DMJeff24 April 01, 2007

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