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nasal mucus(see also snot rocket)
Yuck! I got snot on my new clothes.
by Light Joker November 23, 2004
10 78
A top secret weapon used to disgust people and throw at...also in an emergency you can eat.
We must arm the booger and fire it at li'l suzy so she will get grossed out then finish her test so she can get an F
by John Leech February 17, 2004
38 106
All the green and yellow crap left in your nose from the night you had before,generally caused by large amounts of smoke.
Dude I smoked an ounce last night and this morning I blew snot.
by jdoggydog July 22, 2003
8 77
The stuff you blow in your neighbor's hot tub.
Anyone want to go hot tubbing tonight?
by Smartbox May 19, 2003
11 80
Jizm, cum, semen, seed, issue
I was dry-humping Betty last night and came home with my drawers all full of snot
by Jitters October 04, 2007
7 77
Salty nozeshit. Try it..
Insert index finger into nose, and scrape some of the walls. Taste it. Pretty yumm, huh?
by _teaCup_ July 11, 2005
11 81
verb - to punch somebody in the face
"He spilled my pint, so I snotted him"
by kid chameleon October 15, 2003
9 79