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noun: just any loopy aquaintence of yours or someone you barely know.
Carrie: Should we restrain Anna?
Seth: ya even though shes only a snorp
by elmaster64 January 06, 2008
When you are laughing so much you start to snort through your nose and then you suddenly burp at the same time!
- i cant give an example as its an audible sound!

'hahahahahaha-----Nnnnnnaaaa-snorp!!!!'(burp at end)
by Foxyrobyn November 11, 2011
A person who sits in a full bathtub, farts and bites the bubbles.
Frank is a major snorp
by John W Huestis January 22, 2005
A strange word used to describe an otherwise indescribable situation.
That movie was completely snorping.
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
a cross between a snoob and a prik thus snorp
i was in the locker room talking with my girlfriend and then she saw her x and to make him jealous she started to say snob then prick at the same time so it came out snorp
by plamondon August 24, 2005