When a girl is sucking your balls and your dick lays on her face. So it looks like shes using a snorkel. Works better if she looks at you in the face.
Your mom: Gurgle gurgle snorkel
Me: What? I cant understand you, you're underwater.
by Phil Anderer September 29, 2006
Top Definition
Oral sex act whereby the recipient's balls are licked or sucked while his penis is being vigorously rubbed by hand
She gives a good snorkel
by RockMink November 09, 2004
A name for a blow job where the guy lies with his legs open. The giver of the snorkel licks his balls and wanks his dick. Thus looking like a snorkeller!

See also deep sea snorkelling
Suzy's boyfriend found that he had a fantastic orgasm when she snorkelled him.
by Suzydafluzy August 30, 2006
When a person faces the inner part of a man's thighs and takes both testicles into the mouth, with the erect penis standing adjacent to the person's face so as to create the illusion of a snorkel.
Dave: Yo did you snorkel John from marketing?
John from marketing: word
by johnfrommarketing July 19, 2012
The act of holding your breath while drinking liquid out of a girl's vagina.
Excuse me miss. I have terminal hiccups, and the only cure is to go snorkeling in your privates
by Plumm November 04, 2011
After you cum in either your boyfriend or girlfriends ass, then shove a snorkel up their ass and make them shit out your cum and shit into your snorkel mask.
I'm gona see if she wants to snorkel me.
by DirtyMedic February 13, 2014
Much like a blumpkin (a man receiving a blow job while sitting upon a toilet, passing feces.) A snorkel is when a man has vaginal sex with a female, while she herself is using the toilet, passing feces. The man's penis is submerged below the toilet seat level, with the rest of his body on the outside of the toilet.
Mr. Testy: Hey Timmy, why do you keep scratching your penis?

Timmy: Well Mr. Testy, last night my girlfriend and I were horny, but she had to take a poop, so to save time, I had sex with her while she was pooping. It's called a snorkel sir.

Mr. Testy: Ah, a snorkel, brilliant!
by snorkel inventor December 15, 2011
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