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2 definitions by Suzydafluzy

A name for a blow job where the guy lies with his legs open. The giver of the snorkel licks his balls and wanks his dick. Thus looking like a snorkeller!

See also deep sea snorkelling
Suzy's boyfriend found that he had a fantastic orgasm when she snorkelled him.
by Suzydafluzy August 30, 2006
Deep sea snorkelling is similar to the original snorkel. However, when the giver of the snorkel licks the guys balls and wanks his cock, s/he takes a deep breath and goes down further. Often including rimming of the receiver's anus. Thus looking like a deep sea snorkeller.
Suzy's boyfriend had an especially fantastic orgasm when she began to snorkel him and then surprised him by taking it further and indulging him in a session of deep sea snorkelling.
by Suzydafluzy August 30, 2006