A WoE guild that started in 2005. History has it that the guild started out in EuphRO in 2000.

An organization+group that plays many games professionally mainly they are the best at playing Ragnarok.
Oh HyVent has come to pwn us.
by wakkyzzzzz April 03, 2011
A jacket brand, owned by North Face.

Also a known competitive guild name from Ragnarok Online Private servers. Most common activities between guild members include: dota, sc2, nigga defense, and shouting random phrases like "JACKET UP YOURS!!", an attempt to implicitly advertise the jacket brand.
Example 1:
Player A: Hey that random guy tried to define HyVent: the best jacket brand ever.
Player B: time to destroy that fucker

Example 2:
Player C: my hyvent jacket is the best ^__^
by dragonitezzz June 02, 2011

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